All films written, directed, and filmed by Ric Wasserman, unless otherwise noted:

Co-producer: Touch the Music  (Documentary, SVT 2015) A blind professional flautist dreams of playing with a top symphony orchestra. New technique and dogged perseverance help he reach her goal.

Operation: One Day’s Work (Documentary, 2007)
A short documentary on an educational breakthrough in Pakistan where young girls are taking the lead.


Children of the Earthquake (Documentary, 2006)  The earthquake in northern Pakistan on Oct 8th, 2005 killed over 70,000 people…half of them were children. The film follows Rashed, 12 and Aneela 13 who are who survived the tragedy.

Back to the Village  (Documentary, 2006)
The film documents through villager´s eyes what globalisation means for the India´s rural population. In desperation, millions of rural poor are being sucked into the cities with the hope of a better life, while small villages in South India are going under due to lack of investment. The film turns a spotlight on the growing middle class and the entrepeneur billionaires from the textile industry…their fortunes built on the backs of cheap labor from the countryside.

A Call for Peace  (Documentary, 2005)
The film follows Kenyan journalist Tim Gitau as he charts the plight of children and youth in post-war Southern Sudan.

Information films (2005) for international organisation S.O.S. Children´s Villages in both Ethiopia and in Kenya

Roads to the Future  (Documentary, 2003) Co-producer
This is the first international documentary produced from Laos, one of the five remaining communist countries in the world. Caught between the marxist dogma from the government and the lure from the glamour in modern Thailand across the Mekong river, the laotian youth of today face a dilemma of where to go and what type of lifestyle to aim for. Produced for TVE, England

Hidden Danger  (Documentary, 2002)
Drama-documentary for World Aids day in Laos for the World Bank. Aired on Lao National TV

Silk: Marketing a Tradition  (Information film, 2002)
Film on past, present, and future of the Lao silk industry made for non governmental organisation Consortium in Laos. Financed by USAID. Aired in the US, Europe, and on Lao National television.

A Question of Balance  Documentary film(2001)
Film on sustainable agriculture and world food security in Thailand for TV3, Bangkok, Thailand.

Brothers  Documentary (1999)
Follows the lives of two kurdish brothers, one in Sweden, one in Iraqi Kurdistan. Aired on Swedish National Television (Mosaik)

Youthspeak  (Documentary, 1998)
The film follows four young people and the struggle for their democratic rights in Nigeria, Sweden, Chile, and Indonesia. Aired on Swedish National Television.

My Enemy, My Brother   (Documentary, 1997) Filmed by Alberto Herskovits.
Story of the UN mission in Angola and the demobilization and re-integration of UNITA troops into civilian society.

The Himba and the Bushmen  (Documentary, 1994) Written and directed by Daniela Mendoza. Made for the United Nations Year of the Indigenous People.

Grenada: Epitath of a Revolution  (Documentary,1993) follows trade union leader Jim Wardally back to Grenada, 10 years after the US led invasion.

The Children of Chernobyl Produced and directed a series of television magazine programs for Swedish TV4on the Chernobyl disaster and its effect on children in Byelorussia (1996)

The Shoah Foundation, cameraman and co-producer in Sweden (1995)

Produced 400+ TV reports for the CNN World Report (CNN International)from Africa. (1990-1996)

Produced 60 TV reports for the CNN World Report (CNN International)from Scandinavia. (1996-2000)

Produced programs from Angola and Namibia for Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA) (1990-92)

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